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Grocery POS

Save And Simplify Without Sacrificing Quality

We know you cannot tolerate downtime in the demanding grocery POS environment. That’s why we’re eager to apply our extensive experience toward configuring the ideal refurbishment solution for you. Our attention to detail and thorough refurbishment process will provide you with like-new throughput and reliable performance at significant cost savings.

That’s also why we’ve expanded the POS Plus core offering to include integration—so you can get complete lifecycle support from a single, trusted vendor.

Our integration offering includes POS and telecom equipment installation and de-installation, old equipment removal, in-store upgrades and Ethernet, Y-band and store loop (wireless) cabling. We can also train your staff and assist you in creating the most efficient cash wrap environment possible.

We guarantee your satisfaction when you buy from and partner with POS Plus. We run a financially strong, well-managed organization to ensure we always deliver on that promise.